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Anna’s Picture of the Day, Fun Fact, and Step Tracker!

Hey y’all! Another day, another picture, another fact, and many more strides. Today we followed the regular routine by starting out with more fantastic lectures by more experts in some incredible fields. Our first lecturer was Mo Elleithee, the Executive Director of Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service McCourt School of Public Policy. In his lecture, … Continue reading

Washington’s Inauguration Preperation

By: Logan Kentner As our experience in Washington D.C. has continued, we are closing in on the days before the official inauguration of Donald Trump.  Many expect at least one million people to converge on the nation’s Capital for the controversial event.  There are so many things that have to be done in order to … Continue reading

The Kennedy Portraits

In 1964, Jackie Kennedy had Aaron Shikler, a known New York artist, paint a portrait of her two children. She enjoyed it so much that she asked the painter to commission her official White House portrait, and again liked his work so much that she asked him to create a posthumous portrait of her late … Continue reading

Trust Is A Two-way Street

By Manny Jacobson Is trust important in life? Ask anyone and you will figure out that trust is an essential part of living our lives. Whether it’s trusting your childhood friends with keeping a secret or trusting that a politician that you elected to office will uphold their campaign promises. A key to a good … Continue reading

Portraits of Our Nation’s Past

Portraits of Our Nation’s Past

By Kylie Jacobsen While walking in the halls of the White House this morning, I noticed a bunch of familiar faces staring down at me. The portraits of our past presidents and first ladies were so elaborate and beautiful, I instantly felt drawn to each one. I constantly looked to the walls and would point out … Continue reading

2016 Prep On Day 1

2016 Prep On Day 1

By Josh Schoenblatt The 2012 election was a difficult race. Attack adds filled our commercials and name calling was a daily event. It felt like we knew more negative facts about the two candidates at the end of the day than we knew of positive facts. Then election day came and we thought it was … Continue reading

Strike Out at the White House

By Lucas Mueller No matter your skill level or age, knocking down pins by rolling a ball is an accomplishment for anyone. Bowling is a sport that can be as competitive or recreational as one desires. The ultimate goal of a bowler is to score a perfect game (300) but even if that goal is … Continue reading