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Listen To Your Mother!

By Manny Jacobson How many times when you were a child, or even an adult, did someone say “Listen to you mother”? I know I heard it enough to lose count. Now here is a revised version of this question. How many times does it take for a presidential candidate to listen to his mother? … Continue reading

The Young, The Wild, The Free

By Manny Jacobson When the average person think about government workers in Washington D.C., they automatically think about the senators and congressmen that are, to say it nicely, of the older generation.

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

By Katie Allen Unproductive. Corrupt. Selfish. What do these words have in common? According to Pew Research Center, these are the words chosen by the public to describe the current (113th) Congress. In the past decade we have seen the approval rating of Congress drop so low that a survey conducted by the Bipartisan Policy … Continue reading

Drake does D.C.

By Austin Cannon, Eric Anderson, Kylie Jacobsen, and Kati Seeman On our first full afternoon in Washington D.C., our group, nicknamed Team Victory, ventured out into the cloudy, damp city. We were assigned to take photos of our group at certain points of interest. So, being the college students we are, we decided to take … Continue reading

5 Key Ways to be an Effective Speaker

5 Key Ways to be an Effective Speaker

By Emily Grimm Speaking in front of any crowd can be a difficult task.  Here are a few easy steps to best spread your message. 1. Know your audience As a key speaker in any session, it is crucially important to know your audience.  When traveling to a conference regarding a certain demographic, keep your … Continue reading