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Why the Capitol is my Happy Place

We start in the Capitol Visitor’s Center or CVC for short, where they have the original plaster mold for Lady Freedom who’s atop the Dome. I look right and see the bronze statue of Jeanette Rankin, the first female elected to Congress, which occurred before women even had the right to vote. I look left … Continue reading

Anna’s Final Daily Post

Hi Everyone! This Anna Gabalski reporting to you live from DC for one last time. Today is our last day in DC, move-out day, and it’s given some time to reflect on the past two weeks. This has been a whirlwind two weeks, and this trip could not have gone any better. We were able … Continue reading

Anna’s Daily Photo, Fun Fact, and Step Counter!

Hello again! I am back with another update on another busy day! We had another academic session this morning with the first lecture from Bob Deans who is the Director of Strategic Engagement for the Natural Resources Defense Council. The second lecture was given by Robert Bixby who is the Executive Director of the Concord Coalition. After … Continue reading