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What draws people to politics?

Josh Cook I don’t want to be a politician. There’s no part of me that believes I’m even remotely worthy of having my name next to a box on a ballot, let alone for people to check that box. Luckily for me, there’s a myriad of ways to be involved in the political arena without … Continue reading

A Portrait of America

A Portrait of America

By Jack Feldman On a beautiful day in D.C., a group of Drake students including myself decided to see what the National Portrait Gallery had to offer. I had been to the gallery before and I knew that I had to see a few of my favorite paintings again. However, I was surprised at how … Continue reading

Twitter’s Ultimate Downfall

Twitter’s Ultimate Downfall

By Kylie Jacobsen With over 232 million users (including myself, a self-proclaimed Twitter addict), Twitter has become an extremely popular social media website worldwide. Twitter is undoubtedly one of the best social media websites for finding information quickly, as tweets – or posts to the website by users – are limited to 140 characters (which makes them … Continue reading

The Kennedy Portraits

In 1964, Jackie Kennedy had Aaron Shikler, a known New York artist, paint a portrait of her two children. She enjoyed it so much that she asked the painter to commission her official White House portrait, and again liked his work so much that she asked him to create a posthumous portrait of her late … Continue reading

Up and coming DC Brunch Bunch

Up and coming DC Brunch Bunch

By Kati Seeman Brunch is the best meal of the day, and no city does brunch quite like D.C. Thankfully I am part of a group dedicated to all things food, and brunch is almost a religious experience for some of us. Having eaten the best quiche of my life at Old Ebbitt Grill yesterday, … Continue reading

Inside the Life of a D.C. Lobbyist

By Manny Jacobson What exactly comes to mind when people think about lobbyists? The answer turns out to be quite surprising. There are wide variety of answers  Many individuals actually have no clue as to what a lobbyist is. Some of those who think they have an inkling as to what one is, tend to believe … Continue reading

California: Election Innovation Extraordinaire

By Taylor Larson In today’s morning session at The Washington Center, my peers and I were lucky enough to witness a panel discussion from two senior fellows of the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), former Utah Senator Bob Bennett and former Secretary of Agriculture and Congressman Dan Glickman. The pair discussed gridlock, bipartisanship, and made a suggestion for … Continue reading

Drake does D.C.

By Austin Cannon, Eric Anderson, Kylie Jacobsen, and Kati Seeman On our first full afternoon in Washington D.C., our group, nicknamed Team Victory, ventured out into the cloudy, damp city. We were assigned to take photos of our group at certain points of interest. So, being the college students we are, we decided to take … Continue reading