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The Young, The Wild, The Free

By Manny Jacobson When the average person think about government workers in Washington D.C., they automatically think about the senators and congressmen that are, to say it nicely, of the older generation.

Working Across the Aisle on the 2014 Farm Bill

By Taylor Larson The benefits of the 2014 Farm Bill are clear in Iowa. Farmers, neighbors of farmers, and friends of farmers (that covers everyone in Iowa, right?) rejoice in the economic trickle-down effect of farming revenue and can almost all agree on the benefits of research into alternative energy sources, like ethanol. But, not all … Continue reading

Inside the Life of a D.C. Lobbyist

By Manny Jacobson What exactly comes to mind when people think about lobbyists? The answer turns out to be quite surprising. There are wide variety of answers  Many individuals actually have no clue as to what a lobbyist is. Some of those who think they have an inkling as to what one is, tend to believe … Continue reading

Words of Wisdom

By Lauren Ehrler Be reliable. Have patience. Go above and beyond. Find ways to practice your craft. Make others take note of your accomplishments.