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Farewell DC

Now that we have all been back for a few days, I think it is safe to say I miss Washington, DC very much. As soon as we landed it Iowa Saturday night, I was stuck on the plane due to below zero temperatures at the airport. This caused the tunnel for passengers to get … Continue reading

Politics can Relate to Everything!

Julia Gutsch Now that we have been back from Washington DC for a few days, I began reflecting on the amazing opportunities we had, and the many things I learned about the world of politics. We were given a lot of advice on how to “make it” in DC. As someone who is not planning … Continue reading

The best view of D.C.

The best view of D.C.

While the morning sessions at The Washington Center were interesting as always, that was not the most important part of my day today – a day that was overwhelming.

That’s not my job

Yesterday, I had one of the best experiences of my life, thus far, when we met Senator Bernie Sanders. At the 2016 election, I was only old enough to vote in the general election, but 17 year old me knocked hundreds of doors for the Bernie Sanders campaign. So meeting, and being able to talk … Continue reading

Feel the Bern

Feel the Bern

By Natalie Sherman I think its safe to say this day was one for the books! We began the day at The Washington Center, first hearing from Ron Christie (Co-Founder, No; Member, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Special Assistant to President George W. Bush; Adjunct Faculty, Georgetown University), who spoke about black leadership in … Continue reading

Botanical garden blues… reds and greens

On Sunday, after brunch and returning to the Newseum, I met up with my roommates and went to one of the only places open in D.C. during the shut down, the U.S. botanical gardens. I have been to roughly 20 botanical gardens, and the U.S. garden doesn’t disappoint. The open sections this time of year … Continue reading

For the Benefit of Future Generations

In October 2018, the United Nations released an official climate report, under the recommendation of United Nations Environmental Programme experts, warning that humanity has about 11 years left to change our ways to avoid total climate disaster, but we must be on a sustainable track before 2030. This means that we now have about 10 … Continue reading

And then, democracy fell (Part 2)

In my previous post, I discussed the effects that Trump’s Presidency has had on the local news networks. In particular, I noted that they are a dying industry forced to compete with the ostentatious antics of national news, which the President hand-feeds to large-scale media outlets. But, does it matter that the President’s domination of … Continue reading

You can’t shut down a snowball fight

You can’t shut down a snowball fight

Snow can’t stop us! We were up and bustling to Lincoln’s Waffles for some brunch (it was delicious) and to see Ford’s Theater.  Next, we attempted to see the Old Post Office – now Trump hotel – but it was unfortunately closed. Luckily, it put us in the right time frame to make it to … Continue reading