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So, Now What?

By: Kiley Roach I’ve taken a number of classes with our faculty advisor prior to signing up for this travel seminar. Never in my life have I heard a person speak so highly of a class. She and the other faculty advisor that accompany us this week have made some bold claims, lofty promises, and … Continue reading

Expectations Lead to Let Downs

Over my short lifetime, I have learned that having too many expectations will lead to me to feel an overwhelming sense of disappointment. That being said, with this looming shutdown still floating over our heads, I really am going into this trip with zero expectations. This time last year, both Julia and I had just … Continue reading

Understanding How To Do It

This will be my third time in Washington and I have a feeling that this time will be much different than the past times I have been here. This time, I have the opportunity to really understand how Washington works. I will, to an extent, get to see the inner workings of Washington. This time … Continue reading

T-minus 1 day

As someone that has never been to Washington DC before this experience is expected to be one that will last for a lifetime. In less than one day I will be walking into this city without a clue as to what to expect but adding to that is the fact, we are in the midst … Continue reading

What draws people to politics?

Josh Cook I don’t want to be a politician. There’s no part of me that believes I’m even remotely worthy of having my name next to a box on a ballot, let alone for people to check that box. Luckily for me, there’s a myriad of ways to be involved in the political arena without … Continue reading

A Whole New World

Prior to the 2016 election, I had no idea what I wanted to study in college or ain towards career-wise. I grew up in the small town of Shueyville, Iowa – a place that has little interaction with Washington D.C. When the 2016 election season came around, I realized that this was something I wanted … Continue reading

Tell me more!

Alex Jenson Expectations Essay Fate has thrown a curve ball at this j-term, right off the bat. The government shutdown shows no signs of abating, and will likely continue for a significant portion of the time we are in Washington D.C. even in the best of circumstances. However, should a compromise be reached, we will … Continue reading

Shutdown & Show Up: Expectations Essay

It is certainly a chaotic time to be arriving in the District of Columbia. A clock ticks and ticks on national news channels, tallying each second that has passed since the government shutdown first began. Uncertainty plagues the nation as 800,000 or so federal employees wait to see their next paycheck. Bipartisanship seems at its … Continue reading