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Breaking Stereotypes One Site Visit at a Time

Lara Brown, Director, Graduate School of Political Management, at George Washington University gave a captivating analysis about the past, present, and future of women in the American Political system. The points about them in a sense, manipulative tactics that both political parties have employed in the past to engage women in the political scene were … Continue reading

Henry Clay…Who?

While visiting the State Capitol the other day, I stumbled upon a statue of Henry Clay. Most people would know him as an extraordinary leader in the 1800’s when he served in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Some of the things he is most known for is advocating for the Missouri Compromise and … Continue reading

Elle Woods for President

Lara Brown stands at the front of a room filled with wide-eyed students soaking up every word. She says, “If we put multiple women on a stage, they can be seen as individuals rather than as women.” This speaks to Hillary Clinton’s run for the Democratic nomination in 2016, when she stood as the lone … Continue reading

Are they or aren’t they?

During the 2018 midterm elections, and now after them, there was and has been a lot of examination of choosing the right candidate. Post 2016, political parties, and especially the Democrats, have been concerned with choosing a candidate that fits the district. This idea was presented in a very clear way in an article assigned … Continue reading

There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand

There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand

By: Natalie Sherman If you thought yesterday was long, wait until you hear about today! We began our day at 8:30 with three speakers in The Washington Center; Laura Brown (Director, Grad School of Political Management at the George Washington University), Jacob Leibenluft (Executive VP, Policy, Center for American Progress), and David Catanese (Senior Politics … Continue reading