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Death of a Federalist

The founding principle of American Government is Federalism, a system wherein a central national government and other government units such as the states have relatively equal powers divided between them. Our recent interview with Jacob Leibenluft from the Center for American Progress, provides a clear example of how those Federalist principals are under attack from … Continue reading

Dupont Circle Farmers Market

On Sunday, my scavenger hunt group decided to make our first stop at Kramer Books in Dupont Circle. We ended up walking through a quaint farmers market, adjacent to the bookstore. There were easily twenty dogs, walking with their owners through the market, and they were all beautiful.

A Very Vlog-y Scavenger Hunt

A Very Vlog-y Scavenger Hunt

Today was our first “real” day in D.C., and we spent most of it on a sight-seeing scavenger hunt around the city to better orient ourselves. We saw lots of awesome sights, but rather than write about it we chose to vlog about it!

Lincoln did the heavy lifting

Meaningful civil discourse is within our grasp By Alex Freeman Documentary producer and writer Julie Winokur is not happy with how average people talk to each other about politics. She says we’re not very nice in our disagreements, and often fail to understand the other side. I agree. But is the status of public discourse … Continue reading

Haven’t we always been this polarized?

By Isabelle Barrett “16 years ago, people complained about how the parties were too similar.” – Dr Julia Azari What??? There is no way that can be true. Haven’t American politics always been polarized? Hasn’t there always been some sort of blood feud-like struggle between the two major parties? Was there ever a time when the … Continue reading

A tale of two tours

  By Jack Feldman For Drake students, the past two days have been one giant speed date with the District of Columbia. Part of our “getting to know you” process started on Sunday when we all embarked on a journey to find just a few of the many local landmarks in D.C. Sunday was packed … Continue reading

Political Discourse?

By: Logan Kentner Monday was the kick-off of our academic sessions.  The topic for the day was centered around political discourse.  After her son told her she was only listening to things she wanted to hear our speaker, Julie Winokur, set out to travel America to get a better understanding of people and how they … Continue reading