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Freedom is not free

By; Rachel Fritz Normally, when you think of monuments in Washington, DC the ones that come to mind include the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial. However, there are some that are hidden unless you know where they are or you walk off the beaten path. That is what I experienced today and … Continue reading

Why the Capitol is my Happy Place

We start in the Capitol Visitor’s Center or CVC for short, where they have the original plaster mold for Lady Freedom who’s atop the Dome. I look right and see the bronze statue of Jeanette Rankin, the first female elected to Congress, which occurred before women even had the right to vote. I look left … Continue reading

Then, the women marched

By: Kiley Roach On January 21, 2017, millions of women marched in cities all across the nation. They drew up signs, they wore pointed, hot pink hats, and they chanted, “This is what democracy looks like.” The first annual march drew national attention for its coverage of a multitude of issues, including reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ … Continue reading

How Washingtonians Walk, Talk, and Act

As you all know by now, we’ve been pretty busy meeting with DC professionals, many of whom have been Drake Alumni. One common theme that has come up over and over again when talking to everyone from current Senators to journalists is advice on how to make it in DC. Many, if not all have … Continue reading