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Unique or not Unique? Only time will tell

Short Answer: Maybe, but it’s too soon to tell. Long Answer: Let’s dive in… Throughout our time on this trip everyone from Congressmen to journalists have asked the same question, “is this really a unique time in politics?” They have all had different answers, some said yes while others said no. Unique is a vague … Continue reading

Imagination limitations

Imagination limitations

By Josh Cook As a group of Drake students, we had the opportunity to meet a plethora of wildly important people during our two weeks in D.C. On Thursday, to follow up a Wednesday which included spending time with Cory Booker, we were able to spend about a half hour with Senator Bernie Sanders in … Continue reading

Those who would be President

By Alex Jenson Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders have a lot in common. They are both Democratic or in Sander’s case pseudo democratic Senators from the Northeast. They share the same floor in the same office building, and by the end of the year, they will likely both have had experience campaigning for president. However, … Continue reading

There is Hope in the Future of Health Care

Our health care system is broken. It is nearly impossible to argue against that fact considering our nation spends more money than any other nation on health care, yet we have significantly shorter expected lifespans than other nations. So, the debate on health care policy reform does not come down to whether or not our … Continue reading