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You’re fired: turnover in the White House

You’re fired: turnover in the White House

By Josh Cook Sebastian Gorka spoke at the Washington Center on Friday, as the final visiting speaker of the program. During his session, he spoke about Donald Trump’s compassion and how he “hates firing people.” This was in direct contrast to what we heard from Kathryn Dunn Tenpas from the Brookings Institution, who had noticed … Continue reading

The U.S. Needs to Change to Help Climate Change

Bob Deans, Director of Strategic Engagement, Natural Resources Defense Council, raised a point while talking to the Washington Center that resonated with me and helped me to further understand why climate change is of the utmost importance, regardless of party alignment. He claimed that the Paris agreement was a major step in the right direction … Continue reading

Oh, Mr. President climate change is here.

Tuesday, the Washington Center hosted Bob Deans, the director of strategic engagement at the Natural Resource Defense Council to discuss climate change. At the seminar, Deans raised awareness about the increased danger of climate change. More specifically, the Great Barrier Reef is rapidly dying off due to pollution, rising temperatures in the oceans, land loss … Continue reading

Is the climate changing or are we?

By Gavin Nordberg On Tuesday we heard a compelling lecture about the issue of climate change. Bob Deans is the director of the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) and he was the one that so graciously gave the speech to us here at The Washington Center. When you listen to Deans talk you can see … Continue reading

The winds are changing

The winds are changing

By Natalie Sherman “Our leadership is failing us,” said Bob Deans, the Director of Strategic Engagement at the Natural Resources Defense Council. He went on to list rising sea levels, croplands drying up into deserts, species going extinct, ice caps melting, and the dying of the great barrier reef as a few examples of the … Continue reading

The State’s Right to a Blunt

By Alex Jenson The principal of Federalism is enshrined in the US Constitution, most notably in the Tenth Amendment, stating that all rights not given to the federal government are reserved for the states. However, ever since the civil war, there has been a gradual transfer of wide-reaching power to the federal government. This has … Continue reading