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Everyone Deserves an Advocate

“Politics is about the people.” Wouldn’t it be an ideal world if our nation was actually able to uphold this role that the government and the institutions that influence and portray to the public what is happening in the government are based upon? Mo Elliethee, Executive Director of the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public … Continue reading

The effects of “fake news” on journalists

A common theme seen throughout our political landscape is media sources and outlets being labeled the “bad guys” and their work being called “fake news”. At the Washington Center, our group has listened to multiple media outlets describe the effect “fake news” has on journalism and how they deal with this issue. This perception not … Continue reading

From Caring To Clicks

Journalism is not my major and I know very little about it, but we have had the opportunity to hear from many people that have had the opportunity to work in journalism and work with journalists. It’s obvious that journalism is changing and changing fast. It seems that everywhere we go from Stateline to The … Continue reading

Past vs. Present Republicans

By Alex Jenson In 2018, the first thought that comes to mind when you hear “Republican” is likely somewhat orange with a combover. However, this is a new phenomena. The party has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, though some would argue that this evolution has its roots in the Goldwater candidacy. We were … Continue reading

Tell Me What Ya Want

By Natalie Sherman At a morning session, Michael Steele – the former chairman of the Republican National Committee, and MSNBC political analyst – spoke about the state of the Republican Party. When asked about the 2020 election season, Steele asked, “What kind of country do you want? And what kind of people do you want to run … Continue reading