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RIP George H.W. Bush

While visiting the Capitol on Monday afternoon, we not only saw the beautiful artwork in the Rotunda, we also got to stand near the spot where George H.W. Bush was laid one last time to honor his service as the 41st president of the United States. President Bush served from 1989 to 1993 in the … Continue reading

Henry Clay…Who?

While visiting the State Capitol the other day, I stumbled upon a statue of Henry Clay. Most people would know him as an extraordinary leader in the 1800’s when he served in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Some of the things he is most known for is advocating for the Missouri Compromise and … Continue reading

PSA: DC Politics are more predictable than ever.

Today, the Washington Center kicked off the first seminar with Steve Scully from C-SPAN and Robert Costa from the Washington Post. Scully engaged participants by asking individuals who have not been to Washington DC before to describe the current state of DC’s politics. Students eagerly raised their hands to describe DC’s politics as frightening, scary, … Continue reading

T-minus 1 day

As someone that has never been to Washington DC before this experience is expected to be one that will last for a lifetime. In less than one day I will be walking into this city without a clue as to what to expect but adding to that is the fact, we are in the midst … Continue reading