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And that’s a wrap…capstone edition

Washington, DC is a national symbol for its history for being founded by the Constitution as the nation’s capital. Forty-three presidents have been in this city and watched over it as it has grown into what it is today. This city is iconic, and I had many expectations before I arrived there for the first … Continue reading

Farewell DC

Now that we have all been back for a few days, I think it is safe to say I miss Washington, DC very much. As soon as we landed it Iowa Saturday night, I was stuck on the plane due to below zero temperatures at the airport. This caused the tunnel for passengers to get … Continue reading

Freedom is not free

By; Rachel Fritz Normally, when you think of monuments in Washington, DC the ones that come to mind include the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial. However, there are some that are hidden unless you know where they are or you walk off the beaten path. That is what I experienced today and … Continue reading

A big “ole Booker” welcome

Yesterday, the group had the pleasure of meeting Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey. As Booker walked in the room, he yelled: “Is Drake, the rapper here?” The Senator flashed his award-winning smile and made everyone feel comfortable with his dad jokes. The meeting started by Booker asking each student about themselves and what their … Continue reading

Oh, Mr. President climate change is here.

Tuesday, the Washington Center hosted Bob Deans, the director of strategic engagement at the Natural Resource Defense Council to discuss climate change. At the seminar, Deans raised awareness about the increased danger of climate change. More specifically, the Great Barrier Reef is rapidly dying off due to pollution, rising temperatures in the oceans, land loss … Continue reading

Speak up or shut up

Yesterday, we visited Atlantic Media where we met and talked with Drake alum Annelise Escher, an analyst for the company. She emphasized that one of the key things she has done throughout her time at Drake and her new job was to stay true to who she is. She told the story about her time … Continue reading

The effects of “fake news” on journalists

A common theme seen throughout our political landscape is media sources and outlets being labeled the “bad guys” and their work being called “fake news”. At the Washington Center, our group has listened to multiple media outlets describe the effect “fake news” has on journalism and how they deal with this issue. This perception not … Continue reading

Braving the cold for Arlington

Braving the cold for Arlington

For the past couple of days, we have watched Washington, D.C., gear up for what they think is a big snow storm, which is, like, three inches of snow. Nothing would prevent this group of students from Iowa from exploring DC, but the city shutting down the Metro might. Thankfully, the Metro was kept open, … Continue reading

The ins and outs of the 2016 Presidential Election

By Rachel Fritz At our second seminar hosted by the Washington Center, we discussed the importance of a candidate’s image during the 2016 presidential election. Lara Brown, the director of the graduate program of political management at George Washington University, delved into why Hillary Clinton was not elected president and why Donald Trump was. Throughout … Continue reading