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Observations from a historic moment

By Jack Hellie President Donald J. Trump. What once seemed impossible is now reality, and different people have different reactions to the new leader of the free world, and those reactions were visible on January 20, 2017, when I attended the Inauguration of President Trump. Nowhere else in the world does power exchange hands-not just … Continue reading

Inauguration Eve

By Jack Hellie 1:15pm We are walking down 3rd Street from the Washington Center toward the NoMa-Gallaudet Metro stop, on our way to fetch tickets to the inauguration from our respective members of Congress. Logan is eating a frozen Red Baron pizza, and mentions a concert, free and open to the public as a part … Continue reading

America, China, Iowa

America, China, Iowa

By Jack Hellie China and the U.S are two world super powers. The relationship is a strong one, and at times a tense one. Billions of dollars in trade value move between the United States and China, making the relationship the most important bilateral relationship in the world. Inherently, diplomatic relations between the two countries … Continue reading

In defense of the opinion page

By Jack Hellie The liberal media. The media elite. The biased media. Even on Christmas you can’t open Twitter and not see any of those epithets as you scroll down your feed. But where does a bias in newspapers, even if imaginary, come from? The opinion page. The opinion page of a newspaper resides somewhere in … Continue reading

Halfway: a photo essay

Halfway: a photo essay

By Jack Hellie The #DrakeInDC gang is halfway through our intensive, experiential, and fast paced peak inside Washington, D.C. The last seven days have been jam packed with meeting folks who work in this town, and hearing what they each do. But these folks were once in our shoes. Our Nation’s capital is stuffed with … Continue reading

Trump and Trade

By Jack Hellie Americans across the country remain uneasy with the incoming administration of Donald Trump for a variety of reasons. He promises a strong national defense and a return of manufacturing jobs to the rust belt. How do those two promises interact? We don’t know how Donald Trump will accomplish either of these promises, … Continue reading

Who is David Young?

Who is David Young?

By Jack Hellie Congressman David Young (R-IA) serves Iowa’s third congressional district. Unless you are from Iowa’s third congressional district, you probably don’t know who he is, and that is not by accident. Rep. Young is intentional in his low profile, unlike his congressional neighbor to the north, Rep. Steve King from Iowa’s fourth district. … Continue reading

A stone of hope

By Jack Hellie November 8, 2016 sent many Americans reeling after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton conceded to businessman Donald Trump in the race for president. Two months later and days before Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th President, many Americans are still in disbelief, promising to #Resist. In a time of political … Continue reading

Jack’s Expectations

By Jack Hellie I have been to Washington, D.C. before with family, but I am looking forward to spending two weeks in our nation’s capital focusing on academics and professional growth. I have a few goals and expectations for this course which I intend to keep in mind as our class meets with interesting people … Continue reading