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The best day of my life, so far

By Gavin Nordberg The morning started off a little different than normal on Thursday. RPC and JVW had informed us the night before, Wednesday night, that we, as a group, would be meeting at about 8:30 the following morning. The meeting progresses as any of our meetings would on this trip, we talked a little … Continue reading

Is the climate changing or are we?

By Gavin Nordberg On Tuesday we heard a compelling lecture about the issue of climate change. Bob Deans is the director of the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) and he was the one that so graciously gave the speech to us here at The Washington Center. When you listen to Deans talk you can see … Continue reading

Nothing trumps the Supreme Court

Nothing trumps the Supreme Court

By Gavin Nordberg I want to talk a little bit about something that we as a class got the opportunity to experience today. In a last minute change of plans, we had the chance to visit the Supreme Court. We were supposed to meet with Abby Finkenauer, the Representative for Iowa’s first congressional district, however … Continue reading

From Caring To Clicks

Journalism is not my major and I know very little about it, but we have had the opportunity to hear from many people that have had the opportunity to work in journalism and work with journalists. It’s obvious that journalism is changing and changing fast. It seems that everywhere we go from Stateline to The … Continue reading

Life Goes On, It’s Best We Move With It

Life Goes On, It’s Best We Move With It

By Gavin Nordberg I know that this blog has been filled with important and knowledgeable posts from the beginning and included in those posts are discussions about the government shutdown. I just want to mention something that has been mentioned before because I really think that it’s important. It’s no secret to us here in … Continue reading

Keep An Open Mind But A Clear Vision

This whole trip we have heard from a number of people in a number of different professions. Each of them have their own story of how they got to where they are and their own story for who they have become. From site visits to seminar in the morning there remains one commonality, keep and … Continue reading

The City

I just wanted to share a few pictures with everyone that will read and look at this post. I think that DC is a really cool city and every time I’m here it’s special. I can seriously see myself working and living here, I have no idea in what capacity yet, thanks to this trip. … Continue reading

Those That Came Before

Washington DC isn’t just a town of laws, legislators, and lobbyists. It’s a town of rich history, containing stories of amazing individuals and unbelievable quarrels as well. As a history major as well as a politics major, my mindset isn’t always on the politics of a certain area or lesson. I often think about what … Continue reading