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That’s not my job

Yesterday, I had one of the best experiences of my life, thus far, when we met Senator Bernie Sanders. At the 2016 election, I was only old enough to vote in the general election, but 17 year old me knocked hundreds of doors for the Bernie Sanders campaign. So meeting, and being able to talk … Continue reading

Botanical garden blues… reds and greens

On Sunday, after brunch and returning to the Newseum, I met up with my roommates and went to one of the only places open in D.C. during the shut down, the U.S. botanical gardens. I have been to roughly 20 botanical gardens, and the U.S. garden doesn’t disappoint. The open sections this time of year … Continue reading

For the Benefit of Future Generations

In October 2018, the United Nations released an official climate report, under the recommendation of United Nations Environmental Programme experts, warning that humanity has about 11 years left to change our ways to avoid total climate disaster, but we must be on a sustainable track before 2030. This means that we now have about 10 … Continue reading

Small moments

This light art instillation, next to the NoMA metro stop, is just one example of all the public art D.C. has to offer.

Expectations of the New Congress

            The newly sworn in Congress is under immense pressure going into this new session of Congress, between the government shutdown, and how that will impact their constituents, and the expectations of the nation in response to the current administration, and they are doing all of this after an election cycle that saw unprecedented changes in … Continue reading

Dupont Circle Farmers Market

On Sunday, my scavenger hunt group decided to make our first stop at Kramer Books in Dupont Circle. We ended up walking through a quaint farmers market, adjacent to the bookstore. There were easily twenty dogs, walking with their owners through the market, and they were all beautiful.