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Those who would be President

By Alex Jenson Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders have a lot in common. They are both Democratic or in Sander’s case pseudo democratic Senators from the Northeast. They share the same floor in the same office building, and by the end of the year, they will likely both have had experience campaigning for president. However, … Continue reading

A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

By Alex Jenson Part of the human condition is the search for a deeper meaning. The public buildings and monuments of D.C. make full use of this phenomena. Intentionally or not, walking feels designed to appeal on a spiritual level to the citizens of the country. These edifices are perhaps the most overt attempts to … Continue reading

The State’s Right to a Blunt

By Alex Jenson The principal of Federalism is enshrined in the US Constitution, most notably in the Tenth Amendment, stating that all rights not given to the federal government are reserved for the states. However, ever since the civil war, there has been a gradual transfer of wide-reaching power to the federal government. This has … Continue reading

Thank You for the Food

By Alex Jenson Many Drake students like to complain about Hubbell and Quad, bemoaning the quality of food. However, I have realized that I did not appreciate them enough. You see, we are required to cook for ourselves on this current j-term… And I decided to make a bacon cheeseburger pasta. It all started with … Continue reading

Past vs. Present Republicans

By Alex Jenson In 2018, the first thought that comes to mind when you hear “Republican” is likely somewhat orange with a combover. However, this is a new phenomena. The party has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, though some would argue that this evolution has its roots in the Goldwater candidacy. We were … Continue reading

What Local News?

By Alex Jenson Journalism is often described as a dying industry. Net newsroom employment has shrunk by nearly half, revenue from print advertising has fallen from $65 to $19 million, and revenue from digital advertising and subscription rarely fills the gap. However, over the course of our time in D.C., we have been privileged to … Continue reading

Death of a Federalist

The founding principle of American Government is Federalism, a system wherein a central national government and other government units such as the states have relatively equal powers divided between them. Our recent interview with Jacob Leibenluft from the Center for American Progress, provides a clear example of how those Federalist principals are under attack from … Continue reading

Tell me more!

Alex Jenson Expectations Essay Fate has thrown a curve ball at this j-term, right off the bat. The government shutdown shows no signs of abating, and will likely continue for a significant portion of the time we are in Washington D.C. even in the best of circumstances. However, should a compromise be reached, we will … Continue reading