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J-Term 2017 Portfolio

By: Alec Wilcox Throughout these two weeks I have been able to improve in many areas, specifically dealing with blogging and social media. I also have done a lot with editing that is hard to show in a portfolio like this. However, I will try. When it comes to editing, I came up with the … Continue reading

A Refreshing Dose of Patriotism

A Refreshing Dose of Patriotism

By: Alec Wilcox Featured image credit: Jack Hellie Touring most of the major monuments in Washington D.C. was such an enjoyable experience for me, and those in the DrakeinDC group. This year has been filled with events that have made many American citizens feel a diminished sense of patriotism. At this point in time I … Continue reading

What I expect from J-Term 2017: Washington D.C.

By: Alec Wilcox This J-Term trip will definitely be fascinating and informative. I have been to Washington D.C. before but never in a class setting. My learning and professional goals for this trip are to learn how to effectively tap into a network to find jobs, learn more about what, if anything, politicians in Washington … Continue reading