Drake in DC is the blog for a class at Drake University that is traveling to Washington, D.C., for two weeks in January 2019.

Twelve students are on the trip. Some of the students have been to Washington before, others haven’t. They are led by Associate Professor Rachel Caufield, politics, and Associate Professor Jill Van Wyke, journalism.

Our first day in Washington will be Jan. 5, and we’ll stay until Jan. 19. Our trip is in conjunction with The Washington Center, which offers seminars and internships to college students.

Typically, our mornings will be spent in academic sessions at The Washington Center, meeting with journalists, public officials, and academics. Our afternoons and evenings will be spent taking field trips, including to the Supreme Court, the White House, the Capitol, the National Mall, the National Archives, the Holocaust Museum and the Newseum. We’ll also be meeting with many Drake alumni for networking opportunities. We’ll also take part in public service.

We’ll chronicle our experiences and offer our analysis throughout our stay, with daily blog posts written by the students. We hope you enjoy following our adventure and would appreciate your comments and feedback.

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