Farewell DC

Now that we have all been back for a few days, I think it is safe to say I miss Washington, DC very much. As soon as we landed it Iowa Saturday night, I was stuck on the plane due to below zero temperatures at the airport. This caused the tunnel for passengers to get on and off the plane to freeze and not move. The flight to Des Moines felt extremely long and this just made it seem like forever. Meanwhile, in DC that night it was about thirty degrees, which feels rather warm compared to Iowa that night. Each day, I keep checking the temperature in DC and it is between ten to twenty degrees warmer. In Iowa right now, it has constantly been either snowing or raining, in my hometown we have about twelve inches of snow right now. Therefore, I have been stuck in my house for most of the time. That has made me very antsy because I am used to being on the move all the time when we were in DC. Now I know the city of DC doesn’t take snow well, but neither do I so I would love to be out there right now. I am incredibly grateful for the experiences I have had in DC and wish they never had to end, until next time DC.

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