The best view of D.C.

While the morning sessions at The Washington Center were interesting as always, that was not the most important part of my day today – a day that was overwhelming.

After a visit to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Gavin and I decided to head to Longworth to try to find some of our favorite elected officials. We stopped into Gavins congressman’s office, Dean Phillips, where two of his interns answered. Although Congressman Phillis was not in the office today, the interns offered to take us onto the House floor. I guess this is the power of midwest nice! Gavin and I were in shock that we were actually going to be on the House floor, but the interns took us in a staff only elevator and into the tunnels beneath the office buildings. We went through another set of security and entered into the Capitol building – the part that you don’t get to see in the normal tours. It was incredible and ornate and beautiful. While there was a presentation going on in the House, we took a detour and went onto the Speakers Balcony! The view was insane, but even more insane was the fact that Speaker Pelosi was in office – just 20 feet away from us!

That is by far the best view of D.C. – and the most connected I had felt to the city. Once back inside, we returned to the House floor and were able to go in. It was amazing. Gavin and I could not recover from the shock and awe. So many important events have taken place in that very room, and so much of history has been determined. I am still not over it.

Before we left, we stopped by the office of my representative, Dave Loebsack. He wasn’t there, but his staff was very nice. I am glad he is back in Iowa. He’s the best.


So yeah – our last full day in D.C. was a hit! Before my flight leaves tomorrow I will be attending the Women’s March on Washington and am looking forward to exercising my right!

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