That’s not my job

Yesterday, I had one of the best experiences of my life, thus far, when we met Senator Bernie Sanders. At the 2016 election, I was only old enough to vote in the general election, but 17 year old me knocked hundreds of doors for the Bernie Sanders campaign. So meeting, and being able to talk with Senator Sanders and Jane Sanders, was an amazing opportunity. RPC even made sure I got a picture with Bernie.

A very present theme, over the past 2 weeks, has been the importance of bipartisanship, and many of the Congress members we have heard from have emphasized that it is a priority for them. When bipartisanship was brought up to Senator Sanders, he gave us a counterpoint to what we have been hearing, saying, “that’s not my job” and that, “the goal isn’t bipartisanship, the goal is addressing the issues, that’s the priority”. I really appreciate that he said this, because it is so authentically Bernie. He went on to explain to us that in the pursuit of deliberating issues, fining common ground is inevitable, but there should be no emphasis greater than doing their jobs.

It was a truly fantastic opportunity.

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