WOW! The White House

Hannah Olson | @thehannykate

While this simple phrase became somewhat a meme of our entire time in DC, the sentiment is one that holds true. A common theme we have seen throughout all of our site visits and speakers was the sheer awe they have all held at some point. Everyone, obviously VERY different reasons, has felt the “WOW!” moment of being in Washington DC. Whether it be working for the White House, working IN the Watergate building, meeting your favorite senator, or just simply seeing a house representative from your home state, and complimenting them on their hat, there’s a simple wonder to all of it

My reaction when I realized the POTUS was IN the White House

I know I felt this synergy a few times. While sitting in the offices of Politico, hearing they have a 100+ marketing and sales staff, meeting with Jeremy Art, the senior social media specialist of C-SPAN, to when I was sitting in The Atlantic’s office realizing I can DO this. I can have my, “WOW, The White House” moment in DC.

It is a surreal city. It is the center of American politics and a home base for so many different news outlets. As a college student from Iowa/Minnesota, it’s kinda hard not to be a little star struck every time you meet someone you have on a pedestal, ie Bill Schieffer, Amy Klobuchar, etc. That’s just a normal Thursday for the folks around here. Some have admitted it’s pretty cool when you casually just see the likes of Ted Cruz and AOC around the Hill.

A very wise Drake alum told us when you stop feeling excited about your job it’s time to find a new one. I think that sentiment rings true for a lot of things. There are moments in everyone’s lives when they have to chase the next adventure. I think I’m there. I’m ready for my next adventure. Saying it will be, I don’t know, Press Secretary IN that same White House is a stretch. What I do know, is the next adventure is going to be the best one yet. My “WOW” moment isn’t done in DC yet, it’s just about to be put on pause for a little bit.

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