The most important part of the trip: DC FOOD

By: Samantha Bayne

The bread pudding from Afterwords Cafe.

I’ve become a bit of a foodie, so every trip I take is preceded by some extensive Google searching and review reading. So although the past few days have been absolutely nuts in the best way possible, I figured I would change the blog up a bit by posting about a few of my top restaurants in the DC area. Some were old favorites and some were new to me. Without further ado, here are my five favorites from the trip.

Afterwords Cafe — See the first picture for the most divine bread pudding in existence. On the menu as “Ricardo’s Banana-Apple Bread Pudding,” the chefs at Afterwords cafe captured all that is holy in one simple dessert that was somehow delicate and rich at the same time. They must have been thinking religiously when deciding to combine bananas, apples, raspberry puree, and cinnamon (!) ice cream. Located just past Dupont Circle behind Kramerbooks, Afterwords also has extensive menus for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, AND late night. You can guarantee I’ll be back.

Just the most extraordinary pancakes on Earth.

Lincoln’s Waffle Shop — Located in the Federal Triangle area conveniently across from Ford’s Theatre, you can eat your breakfast in the aptly (ironically?) named restaurant. Although the cafe is named for their waffles, their pancakes are by far the most scrumptious and fluffy. Inside, the restaurant doesn’t look like much, but the service is fast and the food is better. Take the cheat day, your taste buds will thank you.

Good morning to this brunch from Annie’s.

Annie’s Paramount Steak House — Per RPC’s recommendation, the Drake in DC crew found ourselves inhaling giant meals in this Dupont Circle staple. I chose the glorious combination of chicken and French toast. The French toast was sweet, just soft enough, and buttery, and the fried chicken had seasoning that was beyond belief. Trust me – pour maple syrup on the whole thing. I believe the sign of a good meal is an entire group of people eating in silence because the food is THAT good. That happened at Annie’s.

I was so busy eating that I forgot to take a picture of my meal at Union Market.

Union Market — I am a sucker for a good food hall, and Union Market fulfilled all of my expectations and more. Recommended to us by an alum, we were told to watch out for awkward first dates. Located just a few blocks from NoMa in the northeast section of DC, Union Market is perfect for anyone on a first date or in a large group, because each person can get the food of their choice. I chose a warm and delicious chicken-based ramen from Uzu. Sorry Krunkwich, DC has you beat.

Grilled cheese AND tomato soup? Count me in.

Founding Farmers — Long a DC brunch staple with the main location just a few blocks from Farragut Square, Founding Farmers tackles difficult and diverse brunch, lunch, and dinner menus. I chose this fantastic grilled cheese and tomato soup combination that surpassed every expectation. The tomato soup was thick and creamy; the cheese pull on the grilled cheese was beyond compare. The bread was toasted to perfection. In the cold winter days of DC, this meal was what I needed. Good thing Founding Farmers always provides.

The best way to travel is through food. Although we didn’t always have time to sit down and eat during this trip, it is so important to take advantage of every moment and enjoy every bite. Have some suggestions? Let us know and comment below!

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