Feel the Bern

By Natalie Sherman

I think its safe to say this day was one for the books!

We began the day at The Washington Center, first hearing from Ron Christie (Co-Founder, No Labels.org; Member, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Special Assistant to President George W. Bush; Adjunct Faculty, Georgetown University), who spoke about black leadership in America. Next, we heard from a panel including Natalie Andrews (Reporter, The Wall Street Journal), Gabby Orr (White House Reporter, POLITICO), and Liz Goodwin (Political Reporter, Boston Globe). These women spoke about what it is like to enter the workforce in D.C. and what it took to get to where they are.

We then took off to visit the EEOB (Eisenhower Executive Office Building) which is located right next to the West Wing! We got to tour the Vice President’s office, as well as some other very important rooms in the EEOB. This was a really incredible tour, and we were so close to the White House!

Found my future home

Next, we toured CBS News, and got to meet with Bob Schieffer! He spoke with us about his time in journalism and what he most enjoys about the job. Bob Schieffer is a legend so this was definitely an awe-inspiring experience.

And to finish off the day we met with… Bernie Sanders! WOW! This was an unexpected visit for the day! Bernie Sanders had so much to say, from healthcare to environmental policy, he is overflowing with wisdom. We also got to meet his wife Jane, who I find very inspiring. Jane is so smart and unafraid to give her opinion and give herself a seat at the table. It was truly amazing to be able to meet with the two of them.

Bernie and Jane Sanders!

So yeah… I would say it was a pretty good day! 🙂

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