Anna’s Daily Photo(s), Fun Fact, and Step Tracker!

Hey guys! The day summed up in one word, WOW! Today was crazy incredible, so keep reading because today we saved the best for last.

We started our day with our usual academic session. Today we heard from Ron Christie, Former Special Assistant to President George W. Bush, and Brendan Doherty who is a professor at the United States Naval Academy. After our academic sessions, we visited the Eisenhower Executive Office Building and the White House. Then we went to CBS where we met with Bob Schieffer. After that, we had the incredible fortune of meeting with Senator Bernie Sanders. I have no words to explain how awesome today was. The happy tears were flowing today, our smiles so big our cheeks throbbed.

My photos of the day are of all of us in front of the White House and of our meeting with Bernie Sanders and his wife, Jane.

My fun fact of the day is about something I have been wondering about since my first visit to DC. Why in the world is the Washington Monument two different colors?!? The Monument is two different colors because they ran out of funding halfway through the project, and when construction finally started again they had to use stones from a different source causing the color difference.

Today I took 11,452 steps, walked 5.35 miles, and climbed 6 flights of stairs.

Thanks for coming back again today and don’t forget to come back tomorrow and the day after. My Saturday update will be my last one from the trip and I’ll be recapping the whole two weeks, so I can’t wait for y’all to read it!

-Anna G.

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