Anna’s Photo(s) of the Day, Fun Fact, and Step Tracker!

Hey y’all! Y’all better buckle up because we had quite an action-packed day! We started our day with a lecture from John Hudak Deputy Director of the Center for Effective Public Management and Senior Fellow of Governance Studies for The Brookings Institution. He discussed policy on cannabis and its pros and cons. Then we heard from Robert Bixby who is the Executive Director of the Concord Coalition. He discussed campaign finance and SuperPACs.

It’s the afternoon when things really began to pick up! We met with Representative Abby Finkenuer in her office at Capitol Hill. It was wild to see her getting settled into her new office. After that, we met with Senator Cory Booker. He was really personable and I could totally see him running for President in 2020! Then after that, we met with Representative Cindy Axne. Representative Finkenuer and Representative Axne talked about how they hope to use their positions to help the people of Iowa, and they were especially proud to be apart of the new freshman class being that it is the most diverse class in history. Finally, we finished up the day with a reception with the Washington Center, where we were able to hear from Chief White House Correspondent for ABC News, Jonathan Karl. Karl spoke about his interactions with President Trump and how Trump interacts with the media. He even mentioned the time he met Kanye West when West visited the President at the White House.

My first pictures of the day are from our visit to Senator Cory Booker’s office. He was so generous and took selfies with all of us, so I have also included my selfie with him. I also included a photo from the reception with Mr. Karl because the venue we were at had a balcony that we could take photos on with the Capitol all lit up in the background.

My fun fact of the day is that DC gets more rain than Seattle! DC gets about two more inches per year than Seattle does. DC gets around forty and a half inches of rain a year, and it rains for about 115 days out of the 365 days per year. Pretty wacky if you ask me!

Now for the step counter! Today I took 13,092 steps, walked 6.24 miles, but only climbed four flights of stairs. The updated ] step and mileage totals are:

Steps: 129,826

Miles: 62.8

Flights of stairs: 94

My new predictions for the end of trip total is about 80 miles! How crazy!

Thanks for tuning in again today and don’t forget to come back again tomorrow! Our trip is coming to a close and I’ll only be posting two or three more daily posts so read them while you can!

-Anna G.


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