Anna’s Daily Photo, Fun Fact, and Step Counter!

Hello again! I am back with another update on another busy day!

We had another academic session this morning with the first lecture from Bob Deans who is the Director of Strategic Engagement for the Natural Resources Defense Council. The second lecture was given by Robert Bixby who is the Executive Director of the Concord Coalition. After our academic session, we met with Cory Claussen who works for FINRA. After that, we had a little bit of a break and then attended a Drake Alumni reception where we had the amazing opportunity to meet with Drake Alumni who are currently living and working in DC. It was really incredible to get advice from people who are living the life I hope to also one day live.

I didn’t take many photos today so my picture of the day is a picture of the Capitol from the other day when the snow was fresh.

My fun fact of the day is that there have been three presidents who have died on the 4th of July. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and James Monroe all died on the 4th of July. Jefferson and Adams died in the same year, 1826 whereas Monroe died in 1831.

As for steps, it was a slower day since we didn’t have as many site visits. I logged 8,276 steps, 3.95 miles, and climbed only 3 flights of stairs.

See you all tomorrow!

-Anna G.

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