The Supremes

By Natalie Sherman

Another day, and boy am I sore from that snowball fight yesterday! We began the day at The Washington Center, first hearing from Kathryn Dunn Tenpas (nonresident senior fellow, governance studies, The Brookings Institution) who gave a lecture titled “You’re Hired, You’re Fired: Staffing the Trump Presidency, Analysis and Comparison.” Her lecture was very eye-opening in the discussion of Trump’s high staff turnover and its comparison to other presidencies. Next, a panel spoke about the state of Congress, including Tom Davis (former congressman, Virginia), Jim Moran (former congressman, Virginia), Eleanor Clift (MSNBC), and moderated by Bob Cusack (The Hill).

Next, we had an unexpected opportunity to tour the Supreme Court! It was incredible and beautiful – a humbling experience to look into the courtroom where so many huge decisions have shaped our history.


The Supreme Court chairs


The exterior of the Supreme Court

We then headed off to C-SPAN, where we saw Jeremy Art who does the social media for C-SPAN. We also got a tour of the studio! We got to learn the ins and outs of C-SPAN and how its 3 channels, website, and so much more operate on a day to day basis. It was a very cool experience.

Another metro trip and we were at the National Journal located in the Watergate Complex, visiting Annelise Escher – a Drake alum! Annalise graduated this past May, so she had great insight to offer on the transition from Des Moines to D.C., the job market, and the housing market.

To end the evening, we heard from Johnnie Carson, who is on the board of trustees at Drake and works for the United States Institute of Peace. He told us about his work all over the world, but that it all started with his education at Drake. Once again, it was a great day.

Until Tomorrow,

Nat Sherman

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