Thank You for the Food

By Alex Jenson

Many Drake students like to complain about Hubbell and Quad, bemoaning the quality of food. However, I have realized that I did not appreciate them enough. You see, we are required to cook for ourselves on this current j-term…

And I decided to make a bacon cheeseburger pasta.

It all started with the meat. A pound and a half of hamburger that I let thaw for four hours, only to find it still frozen as I began the process of frying the bacon. Once the bacon was finished, I decided to ignore the health risks and brown the hamburger in bacon grease. Full disclosure, it’s delicious…

and I’m sure my cholesterol level rose because of it. I also started boiling the pasta shells necessary for the dish. After browning my still-frozen hamburger meat, I was able, by dint of a spatula and a casual disregard for grease fires, to drain the bacon/hamburger grease into a safe receptacle. From there, I had to carefully mix pasta, hamburger, tomato sauce, cheese, and bacon in a pan that was about a size too small. The result? Deliciousness, and a whole new appreciation for those that cook, or have cooked for me, at home and at work and at school. As I’m writing this, I hope I can remember to keep telling those whose food I’m lucky enough to eat that I am grateful for what they do.

Thank You

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