Scoot Sctootin

Hannah Olson | @thehannykate

I find myself saying that every single thing is my favorite thing we’ve done. That was a true statement until Julia and I worked up the courage to try and also admit we wanted to try, the lyft Scooters.

These scooters first became available in 2018, and have many regulations behind them. In talking with Nicole Peckham of DC homeland office, they both serve as a risk and a benefit to the area. In 2018 the amount traffic fatalities were 34. This does not specify how many of these were due to distracted driving or with cyclists.

Julia, Natalie and I all riding the Lyft Scooters.

Finding the scooters truly wasn’t a hard task. We marched up further into the NoMA neighborhood from The Washington Center looking for the two we had reserved using the lyft app. There, sitting outside of a Mediterranean restaurant were our two scooters. I really wished we had access to whatever big brother camera was surveilling that street because we looked like fools trying to learn how to use them. After we couldn’t figure out how to get the motor to start, Julia finally figured out you needed to push the button on the right handlebar super hard. I had just been pushing down with my heel on the wheel’s cover to no avail. After almost falling off, getting a feel of the speed capacity, and possibly not understanding how bike lanes work, we were off.

We met up with Natalie and Anna, and decided to go from the NoMA area, down to the Newseum. That’s about 1.5 miles of walking path to cover. I really wish I would have had a GoPro attached to my head at that point in time because it was such a unique way to see the city. The trip only cost us each about six dollars.

I will say, this WAS super fun and WAS my favorite thing we’ve done this whole trip. However, I can see how these scooters are going to cause many cities issues going forward. They are BYOH or bring your own helmet and if you don’t have one, its a skull injury waiting to happen (sorry mom). I would 100% rent one again, it’s much more fun then a segway, and cheaper than any tour.

It will be interesting to see how other cities start to adapt and if they pick up this new form of transportation.

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