Anna’s Photo of the Day, Fun Fact and Step Tracker

Salutations! Our final week in DC has begun and it’s already in full swing!

Today we heard from some really cool speakers! The first speaker was Dr. Kathryn Dunn Tenpas who presented her research on the turnover of White House staff, in which she notes that President Trump has had the highest staff turnover rate since the Eisenhower administration. I look forward to doing more research on this and I can’t wait to see what the numbers look like come the end of his term. The second lecture we attended was actually a panel with former members of Congress, Tom Davis and Jim Moran, alongside MSNBC contributor Eleanor Clift. Bob Cusack moderated the panel in which they talked about the possible impeachment of President Trump.

After our academic sessions were over, we headed over to the Supreme Court. After visiting the gift shop and picking up some goodies, we went to C-SPAN and met with Jeremy Art who is in charge of C-SPAN’s social media accounts. Following that, we met with Annelise Escher who works for the National Journal as an analyst. Finally, we met with Drake Board of Trustees Member and Senior Advisor of the Executive Office of the United States Institute of Peace, Johnnie Carson.

My photo of the day is of me sitting at the C-SPAN studio desk. The opportunity to take this photo was so incredible and the Capitol covered in snow just out the window is just so beautiful. I feel like I could pass for a real news reporter!

I have another fun fact for y’all. There are so many turtles all over the Supreme Court! I included a photo for reference…

Here the turtles can be found on the very bottom of this lamp post.

(Photo credits: Kiley Roach)

Last but not least is my daily step tracker. Due to the snow, we moved around the city a little differently since DC handles snow differently than Iowa does; and it warmed up today which made the snow turn to slush. Today I only walked 10,435 steps, 4.86 miles, and climbed a measly 6 flights of stairs.

Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for another daily update!

-Anna G.

Don’t forget to keep looking at our social media tag, #DrakeinDC to see what my peers are up to!

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