You can’t shut down a snowball fight

Snow can’t stop us! We were up and bustling to Lincoln’s Waffles for some brunch (it was delicious) and to see Ford’s Theater.  Next, we attempted to see the Old Post Office – now Trump hotel – but it was unfortunately closed. Luckily, it put us in the right time frame to make it to the Mall in time for a snowball fight!

An Iowan in her natural habitat

The D.C. snowball fight takes place right behind the Washington Monument, and it was a sight to behold. There were approximately 500 people, ranging from small children to adults who participated in the fun. We spent about an hour and a half there, and by the time we left, it was still going strong! It was an experience I will hold with me for a long time – it is not often that you see so many people having innocent fun together.

The Washington monument is beautiful in the snow!

We then found a cute little coffee and cupcake shop – Baked and Wired – to warm up with. In a Lyft ride back to TWC, we learned that our driver was a federal contractor, who was currently not working due to the shutdown and was forced to take a job with Lyft just to get by. This D.C. insight was both heartbreaking and eye-opening to hear. Fingers crossed, the government will reopen and she will have her job back soon.

Until tomorrow,

Nat Sherman

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