Braving the cold for Arlington

By Rachel Fritz
Grave of an unknown sailor.

For the past couple of days, we have watched Washington, D.C., gear up for what they think is a big snow storm, which is, like, three inches of snow. Nothing would prevent this group of students from Iowa from exploring DC, but the city shutting down the Metro might. Thankfully, the Metro was kept open, and some of us ventured to Arlington National Cemetery. This is a site I wanted to see and was beyond excited to see that I was going to  go. My group and I walked a total of nine miles today: around the Tidal Basin to see national monuments like the Jefferson and FDR before heading to Arlington. Arlington was more breathtaking than anyone could imagine. The snow was barely starting and was glistening over the tombs and monuments. The most amazing part was the wreaths by every tomb. This just added to the beauty of the cemetery. Altogether, John F. Kennedy’s burial site, with its eternal flame, was my favorite. At the end of the day our feet hurt, but this experience was so worth it.

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