Anna’s Photo of the Day, Obscure Fact, and More Strides!

By Anna Gabalski

Hello everyone! Yes, it’s me, Anna, back again with the usual daily post! Being that today was a Saturday, we didn’t have any lectures! (I know so exciting, right?!?) However, that didn’t mean we took time to relax; nope, we have a whole city to explore and only so much free time, so we fit as much in today as physically possible for our poor, tired feet! Today we started our day with, you guessed it, the typical Millennial/Gen x thing to do, BRUNCH! We ate brunch at Annie’s in DuPont Circle, so it was only a quick metro ride away! I can honestly say that is was the best food I have eaten in weeks! I ordered the french toast with eggs, and it came with hash browns and a side of fruit. It was absolutely delicious! I ate every single last bite! After that glorious meal, we headed over to the Newseum where I picked up a coffee mug as a souvenir. After that, some of us made the trek over to Arlington National Cemetery. The cemetery was breath-taking, and we happened to stumble upon the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier just in time to see the changing of the guard. It’s so incredible to see someone honoring our country’s fallen heroes despite the snow, wind, and freezing temperatures. We also had the opportunity to see President John F. Kennedy’s burial site. At Arlington there is a heaviness in the air that I haven’t felt anywhere else; it was so heavy that even the children who were visiting looked somber and were surprisingly quiet. After that I headed back to the Washington Center where I crashed for the rest of the night.

My picture of the day depicts a soldier guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It was beautiful to see him walking along as snow flurries were falling from the sky. It was an incredibly peaceful experience.

On a happier note, my fun fact of the day has ties to my home-state of New York. DC’s metro system is the second busiest subway system in the country, beat out only by New York City.

We were walking all over Arlington today so I got my fair share of steps in! Today, I took 15,642 steps, walked 7.57 miles, and climbed 11 flights of stairs.

Tomorrow will be more relaxing because we get to sleep in! I also can’t wait to see where we will be brunching at again tomorrow; and furthermore, I can’t wait to tell y’all all about it! (Also look out for a surprise tomorrow from me! Hint: it might be a vlog instead of my usual, regular blog!)

-Anna G.

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