Shut Up, Don’t Shut Down

Hannah Olson | @thannykate 

Throughout our time at in Washington DC, there has been much discussion of the partial government shutdown. If it continues, the country will be looking at the longest shutdown in United States history in less than one day. With President Trump’s address on Tuesday offering few

Washington Center students watching the president’s address

answers, it doesn’t seem to have an end in sight.

While meeting with her constituents, Senator Amy Klobuchar reiterated the points she made to Congress early in the week. Every week the government is shut down, our economy is losing 10 billion dollars.

The shutdown is becoming a serious issue for the 800,000 government employees that are about to lose their paychecks. “This is an emergency. We don’t have nine weeks to get this figured out anymore,” Jim McGovern (D-MA), told The Washington Center students.

McGovern was referring to the debate over border control funding would have been discussed at a different time, things would be different. There were a time and place for the discussion about border control and currently, it was the time.

Time is of the essences at this point. At one point, when President Trump held the majority, the issue of building a wall would not have caused this much of an issue. Now, with the Democrats holding the majority of the House, and Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. To quote Michael Steele, “What you do when you’re in the majority will come to kick you in the ass when you’re in the minority.” Trump had the opportunity to work with the House and the Senate, but the House no longer being in his favor.

Looking forward to what is going to happen, there is not much certainty. “Until then … the Democrats think they’re winning, Trump thinks he’s winning, nobody knows who is going to win at the end,” said Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R).

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