Did I Hear Tacos?

Julia Gutsch

Immediately I heard the words taco and lunch, I knew that I had to ignore my previous lunch plans for cooking pasta in my room and instead immerse myself further into the food world of Washington DC. As someone who follows a plant-based diet, I am always excited when I google the menu for a restaurant and realize they are accommodating to my dietary preferences, and District Taco proved to be no exception to this excitement! So, off we went to the metro during our lunch break to get tacos.

screen shot 2019-01-11 at 7.26.17 am

District Taco’s chicken tacos

It was a small but trendy restaurant, with a lot of stereotypical Washington DC charm in my opinion.  The menu was relatively large and allowed you to create your own taco. I know that all of us were more than happy with the food we got there (I loved my tacos so much that I even considered ordering another one)! I even noticed that they have online orders that are available for rapid pickup. After looking further at their website, I even found that they have a location in Philadelphia about 20 minutes away from my hometown. So, after this trip, I might just have to place a quick online order and pick up some delicious tacos!

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