Hey Sista, Soul Sista

Another (chilly) day in D.C.! We began the day at The Washington Center, where we first heard from Bill Kristol who was the Editor in Chief at The Weekly Standard and discussed the Trump era and conservative politics. We then heard from David Corn, who was Washington Bureau Chief, and now Mother Jones and MSNBC Analyst, and discussed the other side of the Trump coin. To wrap up the morning, we heard from Julia Azari, a professor at Marquette University, who spoke about parties and partisanship in today’s politics. All three speakers were outstanding and made for a very informative morning discussing different facets of politics.

We then visited The Hill, where we met with Bob Cusack the editor, as well as Morgan Gstalter, a Drake alum. We discussed the survival of political journalism and what it takes to present a story from a new and interesting angle. Fun fact: Morgan is my sorority sister! We were able to get a picture with our fellow Theta.


When you meet a fellow Theta, you make the kite!

And to end the day, we paid a visit to Jill Shesol at Priorities USA. They are a Super PAC organization that works for democratic political campaigns. I found it very interesting to learn more about the target audience for their ads and how they find that target. I also loved hearing about Jill’s career path leading up to her current job – she got her start from volunteering for a campaign that she believed in. It just goes to show how far networking and hard work can get you!


Another day, another Starbucks run!

After a stop at Walgreen’s, we made it back to The Washington Center. Update: we all have shin splints. Midwesterners are not built for the D.C. hustle.

Until tomorrow,

Nat Sherman

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