Anna’s Daily Photo, Wacky Fact, and More Miles!

By: Anna Gabalski

Hi Friends! I’m back again with another daily update. Today, I started with one cup of coffee, then another, and another. We started at 8:30 this morning and I am writing this around 11:00pm. 8:30 this morning already feels like a week ago. These long days are starting to catch up with me, but it is SO worth it! I am beyond grateful for all the opportunities this trip has given me.

We saw so many cool people today! We started with Bill Kristol. He is the editor at large of the Weekly Standard and regularly appears on ABC. He is an anti-Trump conservative, which nowadays seems about as common as finding an albino tiger in the wild. Then we heard from David Corn who is the Washington Bureau Chief for Mother Jones and also is an MSNBC analyst. He talked a lot about Trump’s possible collusion with Russia. Then we heard from Julia Azari, who is the Associate Professor and Assistant Chair in the Department of Political Science at Marquette Universtiy. She is also an alumna of the Washington Center which is where we are staying and are attending our academic sessions. She spoke a lot about what party leaders have control of like endorsements and campaign cash.

After our academic sessions, we had about an hour for lunch and then rushed to catch the metro so we could head over to The Hill. The news outlet, that is. There, we spoke to Editor and Chief, Bob Cusack, and Morgan Gstalter, who works for the social media team. Then we headed over to a Washington DC law firm where another exceptional Drake alum works. We then headed over to Priorities USA where we met Drake alum Jill Shesol, who taught us about the inner-workings of Super PAC’s and their involvement in American politics.

My picture of the day is of my classmant Natalie and I! We grabbed a cup of coffee and cake pops as an afternoon pick-me-up before heading to our site visits. I’m wearing my hat in this picture because it was super cold and windy out today!

My wacky fact of the day is that there is no J street in DC. The city uses numbers, letters, and names of states as street names all starting at the Capitol and working their way out. There are two theories behind this, one being that the letter J did not exist when they were planning out the city. The second theory is more mainstream, and suggests that the city planners at the time did not particularly like John Jay, and would have rather omitted the possibility of anyone associating him with the city.

Today’s step count is on the lower side since we relied on the Metro to help us get around. Today I took 9,479 steps, walked 4.52 miles and climbed 10 flights of stairs.

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day because we get to see Sean Spicer and go to the Newseum! I cannot wait!

-Anna G.

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