It’s not Personal, it’s Politico

Another day, another adventure! We began the day at The Washington Center. First, we heard from Mo Elleithee, the Executive Director at the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service McCourt School of Public Policy, who spoke about his time in politics and the DNC. We next heard from a panel including; Dr. Alina Polyakova (David M. Rubenstein Fellow, Foreign Policy, The Brookings Institution), Nile Gardiner (Director, Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, The Heritage Foundation), and Barbara Slavin (Director, Future of Iran Initiative, Atlantic Council). It was certainly a lively discussion, but one that brought about important messages about international politics and our relations to our global community.

We then made our way to Politico, where we visited Jane Norman, who is a reporter and editor – and a Drake alum! We learned about the work that Politico does, and their realm of the journalistic world.


Politico had a beautiful office space!

We next met with Nicole Peckumn who is the Chief of public affairs for the City of DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency.  I found her field of work to be very interesting! She oversees so much of what allows D.C. to run and has to be prepared for any scenario at any time. (And I love a fellow rural Iowan!)


We still love the metro!

In the evening we reconvened at The Washington Center for ‘an evening with Congress’ where we heard from Representative Jim McGovern (Massachusetts 2nd District) and Representative Tom Reed (New York 23rd District). They come from different sides of the aisle but had a very beneficial and successful conversation on the areas where Democrats and Republicans can agree. There were also free cookies, which were a nice end to the day.

Until tomorrow,

Nat Sherman


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