Henry Clay…Who?

While visiting the State Capitol the other day, I stumbled upon a statue of Henry Clay. Most people would know him as an extraordinary leader in the 1800’s when he served in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Some of the things he is most known for is advocating for the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850. Both of these were utilized to try and decrease tension between the North and South on issues like slavery. Plus, Clay was also the seventh Speaker of the House, where he was the youngest in history. While at the capitol, we learned Nancy Pelosi, James Blaine, and Henry Clay held the speakership for the longest in Congressional history. However, I know him as the face of the college program I was accepted into to study public policy this summer, the Henry Clay Center for Statesmanship College Student Congress. This trip selects one student from each of the fifty states to participate. For this trip, I will be able to study public policy for two weeks in the middle of May. The Henry Clay Center will fly me out to Lexington, Kentucky for the first week and then we will take a charter bus to Washington D.C. the second week. The two areas of public policy I will learn more about include criminal justice reform and Russian foreign policy. Then, the center collaborates with businesses and corporations to get students their desired internship (hopefully). This opportunity is phenomenal in every way and naming it after the famous Henry Clay just adds to it. Henry Clay made history by all his contributions to Congress and Kentucky. Through this opportunity coming up, I am beyond excited to represent Drake University and Iowa at this college student Congress.

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