Anna’s Picture of the Day, Weird Fact, and Step Tracker!

Hi everyone! Anna here again… from here on out, I am going to try and post one photo, one weird fact, and how far I walked for every day during this trip. I am going to make the photo and fact relevant to something we did during that day.

Today we started out by going to Senator Edward Markey’s office and met with his Research Assistant, Ryan McKeever. Then we went on a tour of the Capitol. Keep your eyes open for another post from me about that! Lastly, we went to Hart Senate Building and visited with Senator Chuck Grassley’s office and met with his Legislative Director James Rice. We even took a photo and made it on his Instagram! My favorite part of the day was getting to talk to all the people we met with today starting with the founder of C-SPAN, Brian Lamb to Washington Post journalist Robert Costa. I loved being able to get their perspectives on bipartisanship. 

I actually have two pictures to share today, the first being the photo of us on Senator Grassley’s Instagram and the other is of me and some of my peers getting dinner at Union Station together! Some of us got Shake Shack and others got Chipotle. I chose to photograph this because 1) how often do you get to be on a Senator’s Instagram page(!?!?), and 2) it’s moments like the one we shared tonight that make this trip so special. Spending time with people who have the same passion as I do for politics is not something I get to do every day, especially not in our nation’s Capital. 

One weird fact I learned today was that the columns in National Statuary Hall cost around $5,000 (today) a piece to make and the rock for the columns was taken from the Potomac River.

I am also keeping track of all the steps I take while exploring the city. Yesterday I walked 8.79 miles and took 17,676 steps and climbed 15 flights of stairs. I was expecting it to be way more since we went to what felt like every corner of DC. Today I walked 4.86 miles and took 10,750 steps and climbed 5 flights of stairs. 

Today was awesome and I cannot wait to share more pictures and facts with you again tomorrow!

-Anna G.

Follow me on Instagram @annieg411 to see more than one photo a day and check out the hashtag, #drakeindc to see even more photos from my peers! 

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