A Very Vlog-y Scavenger Hunt

Today was our first “real” day in D.C., and we spent most of it on a sight-seeing scavenger hunt around the city to better orient ourselves. We saw lots of awesome sights, but rather than write about it we chose to vlog about it!

We originally went into the vlog hoping to ask locals about the government shutdown and how it had impacted them. However, many chose to either not comment, noting that doing so was outside of their realm of work or rather that they simply should not comment, while others explained that the government shutdown had not impacted them personally. One person even remarked that the best people to talk to would be the Smithsonian workers, but with the shutdown, there weren’t any around to talk to. We then flipped themes, and decided to ask people what they liked most and liked least about living in D.C.! We got some great answers – watch our vlog to hear them!

This theme was interesting to our group because we come from very different cities and thus wanted to get an insider perspective on what a day in the life of a D.C. local looks like.

We had a fantastic day and cannot wait for more to come.

Natalie, Anna, Julia, Josh


Here are links for more info on our site visits:

Eastern Market

Smithsonian “castle”

Mary E. Surratt Boarding House

Graft Sculpture

Memorial to Japanese American Patriotism

St. John’s Church

Kramerbooks and Afterwords Cafe

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