What does a pre-med student do in Washington DC?

I am a strong believer that you can never go to Washington DC too many times. Having grown up about three hours away from the city, I travel there at least once a year for family vacations, class trips, and other opportunities. That being said, every time I embark in a new adventure to DC I am shocked that I am always able to find something new to do. This is in part due to the endless museums and historical sites, but, perhaps, even more important this is because of the the exciting and always shifting political environment. For that reason, entering this reason, entering this new opportunity to enrich my appreciation for Washington DC, I am excited to learn how the heavily divided and controversial government has changed the political climate since the last time I visited almost a year ago.

Not only am I looking forward to enhancing my interest in bipartisan politics through understanding the ways in which the city has changed with the growing tension of the divided government, but I also plan to integrate my other passion, a future in medicine into this educational opportunity. My post-graduation plans are to attend medical school, where I hope to not only strengthen my love for and knowledge about medicine, but also hope to gain an understanding of public health. In particularly, I am interested in the practical ways healthcare policy can influence both the ways that physicians practice medicine and how it effects healthcare access, particularly to medically underserved communities.

Spending part of my January in DC, before I begin medical school, I hope to begin to answer the question of, how our government can look past bipartisan politics to develop healthcare policy that not only aids those underserved in medicine, but also considers how it will affect the ways that physicians can practice medicine? Expanding more on these medically underserved populations, I am also fascinated with advocating for and giving them a word, not just within healthcare, but all areas of politics. Therefore, I will attempt to answer the question of how I can be an advocate for underserved and underrepresented populations.

As you can probably guess from this post, my future career in medicine and aspirations to involve myself in healthcare politics during my future practice will shape a large portion of my goals for this educational opportunity. That being said, to have a successful career in medicine, it is essential to be an active and effective member of a team. I understand that in Washington, in order to be successful, it is essential to consider and work well with people of different backgrounds, strengths, and fields. Therefore, I am hoping in this trip to enhance my ability to be an active team member.

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