Understanding How To Do It

This will be my third time in Washington and I have a feeling that this time will be much different than the past times I have been here. This time, I have the opportunity to really understand how Washington works. I will, to an extent, get to see the inner workings of Washington. This time I get to see how Washington works from people who actually work or have worked there.

For a long time working in Washington has been a dream of mine, but it wasn’t until the past few years that it was one of my dreams, and now one of my goals, to hold elected office. Of course this means starting out small and if I happen to be at a point in my life and I get the opportunity to serve in Washington I know my goal will have been accomplished. A lot goes into working and serving in Washington, and it is on this trip that I want to learn and understand how congressmen and women have been able to get elected and how they have been successful in their job. Along with that, I think that is essential to understand and learn how people who work in other parts of Washington have been successful in accomplishing their goals and maybe how that have been successful working with Congress if that is something their job entails.

If we get the opportunity to visit with Iowa’s congressional delegation one of this best things to ask is how they are able to work across the aisle successfully. This is one of the hardest things to do right now in Washington and it is so important the people in Congress can master this skill not just for their own sake but for the sake and the betterment of their state and country. There are a few newcomers in Iowas delegation so I would have a few questions for them geared towards their first elections and their next one.

It is important to learn how you approach your first election, so I would be very interested in learning about how to go about it. For a candidate who might not be the incumbent, how are you able to tap into a network of support that will show you as a realistic choice? Or I ask something along the lines of where one might begin their campaign, and how do you know that is where to begin it. Then, as for their next campaign, I would be interested to see if within two years, they think the political climate will change and they might need to change, what they did and the issues they vouched for, in 2020.

There’s a lot the goes into a life in Washington, on this trip my goal is to understand how one might get caught up in it. My other goal is just to have a great time, it’s Washington DC, I think that goal will be pretty easy to accomplish.


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