“If there ever was a need for true bipartisanship, it is today” -Brad Henry

Brad Henry, the 26thGovernor of Oklahoma, couldn’t be more right. With the country being more divided than ever before, bipartisanship is something we should all take a little more time to understand. In a society that is so quick to judge and take sides, the fact that there is a class at a University that students can take to learn about bipartisanism makes me hopeful for the future. I look forward to learning about both sides of the political divide. And I’m not taking about the kind of bipartisanship where the Republicans ought to come to the Democrats point of view or vice versa. I’m taking about the kind of bipartisanship that helps “avoid extremes and imbalances and causes compromises and accommodations”, in the words of Zbigniew Brzeznski, a Polish-American diplomat and political scientist who served as a counselor to President Lyndon B. Johnson and was President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor. While in DC, I hope to look to the past to learn more about our future. 

I am most looking forward to learning as much as I can in the next few weeks. Being in DC while the government is shut down is going to be very interesting, with tensions are running high right now, DC is going to feel very different than it has in the past. The last time I was in DC, everyone was talking about the Midterms, but now it’s all about Border Security and the shutdown. That being said, I hope to learn about immigration and the mechanics behind the government seeing as those are the current hot topics. I also hope to take a look at the role media plays in society in regards to politics. This administration places a lot of focus on media, and the way President Trump uses Twitter as a means to contact the American people is incredibly modern. I’d love to learn more about the impact the media has had on politics. Has the media made it easier to create scandals and false accusations or has it made it easier to hold politicians accountable? I hope to find some answers to my questions.

This is the outside of the Newseum, one of the places I am most excited to visit.

Aside from the shutdown and immigration, I also look forward to visiting historic sites and museums. I am really looking forward to visiting places like the Capitol, Homeland Security, and Politico, but I especially look forward to going to places that aren’t one hundred percent dedicated to politics like the Newseum and Williams and Connolly. Basically, there isn’t anything I am not looking forward to. I am excited for the guest speakers, site visits, learning how to network better, and I also look forward to learning how to become a better blogger!

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