Expectations Lead to Let Downs

Over my short lifetime, I have learned that having too many expectations will lead to me to feel an overwhelming sense of disappointment. That being said, with this looming shutdown still floating over our heads, I really am going into this trip with zero expectations. This time last year, both Julia and I had just calmed down from the horror that we had to find a new Jterm to go on because our trip to Havana, Cuba had been canceled. This was due to the political unrest and distrust that was felt towards Americans, and with the sensory attacks that had been happening it was not safe to go. Looking back it was for the best, but I remember crying in my kitchen because I was so disappointed.

Going forward with this trip, I was looking forward to going to different museums and learning more about history and going to the different Smithsonian’s, particularly about art. With this shut down however, I have had to change my mindset. After hearing about all the contacts that we will be meeting with, I am looking forward to all the different meet and greets we have set up. For me, being a double major in two mass communications programs, the different media outlet tours.

I am really just going in with a very open mind. I am not quite sure what I am looking forward to but, there are a lot of different experience to be had. I am really hoping to develop my wordpress skills even further. I already know the basics about how the system works, however, I really want to get even more fluent in the world of blogging. Since I currently have a “lifestyle” blog, it would be beneficial to my everyday work.

One thing that I am not quite sure we will cover, however, is becoming a hot topic in my advertising class, is how “Juuls” and “Vapes” are being marketed towards children. In the incoming years, there will have to be a policy reform, and it will be an interesting shift in the advertising laws.

Overall, I am incredibly excited to experience DC as an adult. I know it will be a great time, and I am going in with no expectations so that whatever happens will be incredible.

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