Hannah is a Palindrome

Howdy ladies and germs. My name is Hannah Olson (also known as @thehannykate or HO to my close friends). I am a senior Advertising and Public Relations major with a minor in Graphic Design. I usually will have a LARGE cup of coffee in my left hand. Even though I currently call Des Moines home, I will always be a Minnesotan at heart. I have a passion for good food, big earrings, both urban and rural adventures, rocking music, doggos and dirty martinis. 

Featuring my fav floofer in the world, Piper

If I’m not in the yoga studio, or trying to get my asthma under control for my aspiring career as a (HALF) marathoner, you can find my nose in my Macbook. Usually I’m watching some type of trashy reality TV or online shopping. My latest project is a lifestyle blog I have started with my best friend, and fellow jschooler Sydney Kava, Two KINDA Broke Girls.

I am currently pretending that I am not freaking out about the impending (doom of) May 2019, but that’s a total lie. I am hoping to get my foot into the door into a corporate branding or marketing team. But for now, I’ll either be in the big brick Kappa house or be hanging out at Wellmark working with their marketing team on materials for the Grand Blue Mile.

Follow along my personal life’s journey on both Twitter and Instagram.



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